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Machine Lumber Grading

Our Machine Stress Rating (MSR) equipment for structural lumber has been the industry-standard over the last 4 decades and continues to be the predominant technology, producing more mechanically graded lumber (MSR, MGP, MSG, and MEL) than all other systems combined. In addition to a direct measurement of Modulus of Elasticity (E), Metriguard’s HCLT 7200 applies stress to each individual piece of lumber, causing breakage and elimination of very weak pieces – the only mechanical grading equipment that can make the claim - "Stress Tested Lumber". The HCLT technology responds accurately to grain angle, microfibril angle and moisture content and weeds out the ‘bad actors’ to increase the safety and reliability of structural lumber.

Our durable Model 7200 High Capacity Lumber Tester (HCLT) is best-suited for high-volume mills that want high speed, highest grade yield recovery and ability to set a low E threshold for each grade. The 7200 HCLT is the only technology that identifies low-point E making trim-to-upgrade decisions possible to produce higher value MSR.

Ultrasonic Veneer Grading

Metriguard pioneered the ultrasonic grading of veneer sheets that are used in the manufacture of laminated veneer lumber (LVL). This process allows LVL manufacturers to efficiently use the wood resource to produce engineered wood products with reliable mechanical properties – a key factor in meeting the demand for cost-effective, easy to work, structural wood building components. Find out more about our Veneer grading equipment.

Grain Angle Meters

Metriguard Grain Angle Meters are handheld devices that quickly and accurately measure grain angle on flat surfaces (Model 511) and round and cylindrical surfaces (Model 512).

Tensile Proof Testing

Our Tension Proof Testers grip the test specimen, apply a test load with hydraulic cylinders, and measure the load applied. Maximum load attained while the specimen is loaded to failure is displayed.

Hydraulic Power Options

Metriguard offers a number of hydraulic pump options so you may optimize performance, convenience, and cost. If you are unsure as to the best option for your application, give us a call.

Force Measurement Systems

Metriguard offers a variety of force measurement options for optimum system configuration and flexibility. Our sales department would be happy to discuss the best fit for your application or how to optimize performance in your operation.

Field & Lab Equipment

Stress Wave Timer, Impact Hammer, Labaratory Clamps, Accelerometers, Transverse Vibration E-Computer, Static Bending Tester, Minnesota Shear Tester, Compression Parallel Tester

Spray Marking Options

Most of our production-line machines can mark your lumber product in various ways. From the options listed here, you may select the equipment that will give you the best quality, style, and location of ink marking.

Metriguard offers a variety of single nozzle and multiple nozzle and valve arrays for marking wood products. Our nozzles are available with 115 Vac and high-speed lowvoltage solenoid control in several mounting confi gurations with or without ink tank systems. These systems, on a variety of Metriguard products, are available for use anywhere ink spray marking is required.

Green Veneer Tester