About Us

Metriguard is the world leader in high speed production line evaluation of lumber (MSR) and veneer grading for structural uses. We manufacture, sell and service machinery used in saw mills and veneer mills around the globe; some of our oldest machines have been in service for over 30 years! With 45 years of experience, we are the ideal partner to supply robust, reliable equipment, proven technologies and outstanding technical support and service. Metriguard also makes field and laboratory testing equipment for the forest products industry. Our equipment is installed in mills and used in industry and government research laboratories in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Metriguard produces the finest line of sawmill equipment for profitably producing MSR (Machine Stress Rated Lumber), MEL (Machine Evaluated Lumber), MGP (Machine Graded Pine), MSG (Machine Stress Graded Lumber) and E-rated lam stock. Metriguard manufacturers two different types of MSR/MEL production line machines so that lumber mill managers can choose the system that best fits their needs. Our durable Model 7200 High Capacity Lumber Tester (HCLT) is best-suited for high-volume mills that want high speed, highest grade yield recovery and ability to set a low E threshold for each grade. The 7200 is the only MSR equipment that produces stress tested lumber. The HCLT technology responds accurately to grain angle, microfibril angle and moisture content and weeds out the ‘bad actors’ to increase the safety and reliability of structural lumber. Our Model 2350 Sonic Lumber Grader (SLG) is the best choice for planer mills that have limited room for installation and lower MSR throughput. And the Model 2350 SLG is ideal for green end sorting in the sawmill on the basis of E to make resource allocation decisions. Both machines can be installed quickly and can work in tandem with both human and machine graders.

Metriguard produces high speed veneer grading equipment for the laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and structural plywood industries. Our complete line of veneer graders allows veneer producers to select the grading parameters needed for their specific end use requirements, including ultrasonic propagation time (UPT), wood density and specific gravity, modulus of elasticity (E), moisture content, sheet width and thickness and wood temperature.

Lumber and panel producers choose Metriguard quality control and quality assurance testing equipment for their mills. For the lumber industry, we produce a bending proof test machine that can measure E (modulus of elasticity) and test to a proscribed proof load or to failure and a tension parallel to grain test machine that can be used for either tension proof load or ultimate failure testing. For panel manufacturers, we offer equipment for bending and performance testing of full panels and internal bond testing of small specimens.

Metriguard produces an array of field and laboratory equipment for evaluating lumber and veneer properties, including Static Bending Tester, Stress Wave Timer, Transverse Vibration E-Computer, Minnesota Shear Tester, and Compression Parallel to Grain Tester. Our Model 511 and Model 512 grain angle meters can measure slope of grain on flat or cylindrical sections.