Field & Laboratory Equipment

239A Stress Wave Timer

This portable instrument measures sonic propagation time in wood structures such as living trees, waterfront structures, panel products, and poles.

  • Detects decay in live trees
  • Non-destructive testing to assess the structural integrity of wood structures
  • Functions as a crosscheck for other wood testing equipment
  • Features multiple capabilities for handling a wide variety of laboratory and field testing needs

340 E-Computer

The Model 340 E-Computer measures material properties of a wide range of materials and sizes.

  • Provides accurate, repeatable measurement of modulus of elasticity (E) without measuring deflection
  • Automatically computes specific gravity and weight
  • Saves digital data for convenient processing
  • Compact, portable design allows set up for use in just minutes
  • Quick and easy to use

440 Static Bending Tester

Provides laboratory measurement of flatwise bending modulus of elasticity (E).

  • Highly accurate
  • Accommodates twist
  • Built-in, stress-free yoke
  • Durable with trouble-free operation

810 Minnesota Shear Tester

  • Internal bond testing of small specimens by equal compression and shear forces
  • Provides consistent measurement accuracy
  • Features full-face engagement of gripping surfaces
  • Complies with ASTM D 1037 standard
  • Capable of testing wet or dry specimens
  • Needs no special preparation of specimens

870 Compression Parallel Tester

Provides measurement of ultimate compression strength, parallel to grain

  • Requires little specimen preparation
  • Accommodates most dimension lumber sizes
  • Designed to ASTM requirements for ultimate compression strength measurement