Force Measurement Systems

Metriguard offers a variety of force measurement options for optimum system configuration and flexibility. Our sales department would be happy to discuss the best fit for your application or how to optimize performance in your operation.

Tension Calibration Systems

Tension calibration links (or force calibration links) give independent measurements of force for checking the force calibration of Metriguard Tension Proof Testers. Each tension calibration link assembly includes two wood-faced steel paddles for insertion into the clamps, a tension load cell with steel pins for attachment to the paddles, and a readout unit. Calibration of the tension load cell and readout unit is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Electronic Force Measurement Systems

  • Metriguard’s finest force measurement system
  • Standard with Models 412 and 422 Tension Testers Optional with Models 401 and 403 Tension Proof Testers, and Models 810 and 870 Compression Testers
  • Eliminates errors caused by cylinder friction in hydraulic pressure indication of force
  • Provides direct digital readout of force as well as analog output of force signal
  • Measures in either standard English or metric units