Grain Angle Meters

512 Grain Angle Meter

Measuring grain angle in cylindrical wood pieces is now easy, quick and accurate with the Metriguard Model 512 Grain Angle Meter. The Model 512 is a simple, easy to use handheld device that can also accommodate tapered wood cylinders such as baseball bats and pool cues. The Model 512 Grain Angle Meter is particularly useful when evaluating diffuse-porous wood species such as maple and birch, where grain angle along the tangential face (flat-face) is difficult to determine visually.

511 Grain Angle Meter

The Model 511 Grain Angle Meter measures grain angle in wood as the direction of maximum dielectric permittivity projected onto a flat surface of the wood relative to a reference direction. The Model 511 consist of a stationary detector, operating controls, digital display, and USB port integrated into a handlheld unit.