Machine Lumber Grading

Our Machine Lumber Grading equipment for structural lumber has been the industry-standard over the last 4 decades and continues to be the predominant technology, producing more mechanically graded lumber (MSR, MGP, MSG, and MEL) than all other systems combined.

7200 HCLT

The model 7200 HCLT in an inline Machine Stress Rating (MSR) system. In addition to a direct measurement of Modulus of Elasticity (E), Metriguard’s 7200 HCLT applies stress to each individual piece of lumber, causing breakage and elimination of very weak pieces – the only mechanical grading equipment that can make that claim.

  • Grades dimension lumber at speeds up to and exceeding 3600 ft/minute (1098 m/minute)
  • Certified for MSR, MEL, E-Rated Lumber, MGP, and MSG grades
  • Measures stiffness directly to accurately determine modulus of elasticity (E)
  • Provides best grading accuracy and consistency for the best profit
  • Applies stress over the full length of the lumber
  • Features patented "Stressed in Bending" mechanics: the only technology that responds accurately to grain angle, microfibril angle, and moisture content in lumber
  • Modular design simplifies maintenance and repairs

2350 Sonic Lumber Grader

The newest Metriguard machine grading system, Model 2350, will sort lumber for stiffness using density and sonic velocity. This system is designed for a planer mill to machine grade lumber and for a sawmill to sort material for resource allocation before drying.

Metriguard’s Model 2350 is installed in a transverse lug chain making it ideal for mills with limited space. The 2350 is compatible with other visual grading and scanning systems.

  • Sort material in the sawmill for resource allocation before drying
  • Auto-zero scale feature for stable calibration
  • Push-button scale calibration checks
  • Speeds up to 250 lugs per minute
  • Measure sonic velocity and density to accurately and reliably sort by average E

312 Bending Proof Tester

The 312 Bending Proof Tester is used in quality control progams to verify measurements made by the 7200, the 2350 and other grading systems.

  • Industry-standard Bending Proof Tester for quality control testing of structural dimension lumber
  • Rigid mechanical design provides for accurate measurement over a full range of dimension lumber sizes and grades
  • Tests North American or metric size lumber
  • New Digital Force Measurement System
  • Multi-point E measurement
  • Simplified operation for combined E and proof load measurements