Mobile MSR

Find out if Machine Stress Rating (MSR) is right for your structural lumber operation. Now we can run complete MSR yield studies for you at your mill location with your own wood using the actual production equipment that will be used in your production process. The Metriguard Model 7200 High Capacity Lumber Tester (HCLT) is set up ready to run with its Digital Data Processor. The system is self-powered with its own on-board 50 kW 3-phase diesel generator set. Lumber is loaded on the scissor lift (blue) and hand fed on the in feed conveyor through the HCLT where it is conveyed out the back of the trailer to a landing table (not shown). A unit of lumber can be tested as fast as it can be fed into the system, so in a few minutes the pertinent MSR yield data is gathered for later analysis.

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