Veneer Testers

Structural Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) products provide a refinement of the wood properties by randomizing the effects of knots and other natural wood characteristics. Grading and sorting the veneer sheets before they are put into the LVL product gives further refinement and control of the structural properties of LVL. While the laminating process “tightens up” the distribution of properties, only sorting by use of a Metriguard Veneer Tester allows shifting of the properties to maintain quality standards. Metriguard Veneer Testers provide fast, reliable testing of veneer to be used in structural wood products. Our veneer testers are dependable and rugged, with advanced microprocessor computing for speed and precision. Metriguard Veneer Testers are designed for easy placement in existing production lines, often without having to cut existing conveyor flights. Built to run without operator assistance, and with a new, larger monitor and easy to use interface, Metriguard Veneer Testers are a simple way to make the best use of your fiber resource, control your LVL properties, and get higher LVL yields.

Model 2805 DME

These revolutionary veneer testers allow you to measure density, moisture content, and modulus of elasticity (E) simultaneously, in every sheet of veneer, with unsurpassed accuracy and speed.

  • Determines modulus of elasticity (E), specific gravity, density, average and peak moisture content, plus sheet thickness (optional)
  • Compensates for veneer temperature and moisture content
  • Detects veneer sheet width
  • Includes system diagnostics with alarm system for common faults
  • Features RF microwave technology
  • Increases your profits with greater yield from the same material resource
  • Frame splits in half for easy installation around existing conveyor flights
  • Speeds up to 600 to ft/min

Model 2655 DFX

  • Grades veneer by Ultrasonic Propagation Time (UPT)
  • Compensates for wood temperature
  • System diagnostics detect common faults, activate alarms, and log the faults
  • Features tamper-proof grade parameters
  • Can be configured for remote data collection
  • Modular design allows upgrade to Model 2800 or 2805 DME
  • Hands-free operation
  • Frame splits in half for easy installation
  • Speeds up to 600 ft/min

Model 2700 VITKA

  • Noncontact veneer processing
  • Operating speeds up to 500 ft/min (152 m/min)
  • Measures and compensates for veneer moisture content and veneer temperature
  • Features an embedded computer for data processing
  • Features multiple ink spray marking options
  • Simple to use and maintain

The Model 2700 VITKA measures moisture content, temperature, and specific gravity of dry veneer sheets as they pass through the system on a conveyor line. Within the machine frame, an upper row of sensors sends a series of radio frequencies through the veneer. These signals are received by a lower row of sensors and analyzed by the embedded computer. The results, used to determine sheet grade, are displayed on-screen and can be saved to disk. The Model 2700 VITKA has the same type of flexible grade marking system as the Model 2650 DFX. This system needs calibration only a few times per year. That calibration process is outlined, step by step, on the computer display and takes just a few minutes to complete. This system can be field upgraded to a Model 2800 or Model 2805 to bring the latest technology into your mill.