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Raute Corporation strengthens its offering for veneer and lumber grading technology by acquiring the business of Metriguard Inc.

Raute Corporation and the owners of Metriguard, Inc. have agreed on the purchase of the business of Metriguard Inc., Pullman, Washington, USA.

“Metriguard's technology has evolved over more than four decades and has proven to provide veneer and lumber mills with significant benefits in terms of enabling capturing the highest possible value of the given raw materials," says Raute’s President and CEO Tapani Kiiski.

Friday March 31, 2017

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Jim Logan Receives Bronson J. Lewis Award

Jim Logan, owner and president of Metriguard Inc. of Pullman, Washington, was honored with the Bronson J. Lewis Award from APA-The Engineered Wood Association during its Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, in November. 

Wednesday December 3, 2014

New Product: 2350 Sonic Lumber Grader

The newest Metriguard machine grading system, the Model 2350 Sonic Lumber Grader (SLG), easily installs in a transverse lug chain and uses sonic velocity, size and weight to accurately determine the average E (modulus of elasticity) of each piece.

Monday October 20, 2014

Image: 2017-03/840.png

New Product: 840 Rail Shear Tester

The Model 840 Rail Shear Tester is the newest test equipment from Metriguard, specifically designed for the wood I-joist industry.

Monday July 14, 2014