Model 2700 VITKA


  • Noncontact veneer processing
  • Operating speeds up to 500 ft/min (152 m/min)
  • Measures and compensates for veneer moisture content and veneer temperature
  • Features an embedded computer for data processing
  • Features multiple ink spray marking options
  • Simple to use and maintain

The Model 2700 VITKA measures moisture content, temperature, and specific gravity of dry veneer sheets as they pass through the system on a conveyor line. Within the machine frame, an upper row of sensors sends a series of radio frequencies through the veneer. These signals are received by a lower row of sensors and analyzed by the embedded computer. The results, used to determine sheet grade, are displayed on-screen and can be saved to disk. The Model 2700 VITKA has the same type of flexible grade marking system as the Model 2650 DFX. This system needs calibration only a few times per year. That calibration process is outlined, step by step, on the computer display and takes just a few minutes to complete. This system can be field upgraded to a Model 2800 or Model 2805 to bring the latest technology into your mill.

The Model 2700 VITKA’s electronics system is built around an embedded computer. This system generates signals for the radio frequency resonator cavity pairs. The frequency responses are analyzed to determine the specific gravity and moisture content of the veneer. Solenoid drivers activate spray nozzles for marking up to 8 grades. The Model 2700 VITKA system includes:

  • Photo sensors to locate leading and trailing edges of veneer
  • Resonator cavity pairs and drive signal generation 
  • Resonator cavity signal processing
  • Temperature measurement
  • Multiple, simultaneous grade determination (3 sets) based on operator-set thresholds
  • Spray mark drivers for 8 grades (ink tanks and nozzle assemblies optional)

Machine Frame

Mechanical apparatus suspends the resonator cavity pairs above and below the conveyor line. Conveyor dimensions including height, number of belts, width of flights, and position of veneer on belts must be specified at the time of order.

Resonator (RF) Cavity Pairs

Each RF cavity pair includes one cavity above and one cavity below the veneer path. The cavities are approximately 12 inches square (30.5 x 30.5 cm). As many as six pairs may be built into a Model 2700 VITKA, depending on the customer’s conveyor


VITKA is an acronym from the Finnish words: VlIlu, Tiheys, Kosteus, Anturi, translating to veneer, density, moisture, cavity. The VITKA technology was developed in Finland and the first Metriguard Model 2700 VITKA is still in service there.

Power Requirements

Electric Power

95–130, 175–235, 380–520 Vac, 1 kVA, 60 Hz, single‑phase (50 Hz available). Customer to supply any necessary fuse disconnects and field wiring required

Pneumatic Power

Air connection for 60 to 100 psi (shop air) for spray mark equipment and infrared thermometer

Computer Interface

Operator Interface

Full size keyboard and display mounted on the machine frame

Serial Data Output

RS232. For each veneer sheet: ASCII value of specific gravity, number of scans, moisture content, temperature and grade (in each of 3 systems)

Design Details

Conveyor Line Speed

Up to 500 ft/min (152 m/min)

Veneer Size

Length 48–126 in (122–320 cm); Width 12–54 in (30.5–137 cm); (or specify)

Veneer Thickness

1/10–1/6 in (2.5–4.24 mm)

Grade Computation

From average specific gravity and moisture content readings on sheet

Grade Determination

Up to 8 grade categories based on operator-set thresholds for specific gravity and moisture content can be spray-marked on each veneer sheet.

Electronics Packaging

Steel enclosure with polycarbonate window

Shipping Dimensions

Frame and Electronics

Approximately 2,000 lbs (910 kg)

Frame and Electronics

156 x 35 x 66 inches (3960 x 890 x 1675 mm)

Current Loop Output

Four each, 4–20mA outputs. Four or fewer of the following values can be output: specific gravity, average moisture, maximum moisture, sheet width, or grade. (270-OPT-1001)

Stand-alone Electronics Mount

Independent support of the electronics enclosure, for situations where system or plant vibrations cannot be otherwise eliminated. (260-OPT-1001)

Ink Supply Tank

3-gallon air-pressurized with regulator, gauge, and fittings. One required for each ink color. (PNE-TAN-1021)

Ink Nozzle Assembly

Nozzle, solenoid valve, cable, mount and fittings. (260-ASM-1001)

CE Mark

Machine manufactured in conformance with CE requirements; includes Manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformance. (280-OPT-1001)